Can Weight-loss Surgery Help?

This indicates that the individual has insulin resistance i.e. he or she is unable to respond normally to the biological actions of insulin. If this situation persists long enough, the pancreas eventually gives up the fight and the individual goes in for absolute insulin deficiency. This is the stage at which most patients would start requiring insulin injections. In addition to its effect on blood glucose, insulin also has an anabolic effect, meaning that it promotes growth and multiplication of cells in the body.

For example, the Himalayan Diet Breakthrough pills promise significant and rapid weight loss without diet or exercise. There is no easy and straightforward way to surrender our collective obsession with fat, but some strategies may point the way. Regulation, when used properly, has a role in such efforts. First, the prejudice against fat people needs to end. We need to accept individuals of many shapes and sizes; judging them by their qualifications and not their weight. To achieve such acceptance we may need to amend human rights legislation to protect the obese from discrimination. Second, there should be more curiosity about the causes of obesity than just calories in/calories out. For example, we should follow the lead of the White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity in urging more examination of the impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) on the health of individuals and their weight. Third, we need to shift the emphasis from weight loss (and even prevention of weight gain) to health. That change would prompt us to tax junk food and beverages (while assessing the actual effects of such measures) but also push us to subsidize healthier alternatives. That underwriting would specifically focus on the diets of the poor but go on to question the regulatory measures in place for the entire food system (a huge challenge).

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Health Insurer Alameda Alliance Dropped From Covered California

Peter Lee, executive director of Covered California, said he remains optimistic Alameda Alliance can rejoin the state marketplace at a later date. “We look forward to the company getting its commercial license so we can welcome its plans back to the exchange,” Lee said. It’s important for the exchange to have enough competition among major insurers and smaller, local plans to hold down rates and to give consumers ample choices, state officials have said.

Sutter Health agrees to $46 million settlement for billing practices

This will result in significant reforms that move Sutter away from duplicative billing and ultimately give payers and consumers better information so they can better negotiate their bills. The whistle-blower lawsuit alleged that Sutter included a false and misleading charge in its surgery bills. Using the time-based billing method, Sutter often added thousands of dollars for each operation, yet the services covered were allegedly already captured in the separate operating room charge, Jones said. Starting as early as January, Sutter will discard the controversial time-based billing system and rely on flat fees. Sutter officials also said they will post explanations of their charges online to inform patients about whats included in the fees. Jones said he hopes this will usher in a new era of transparency, ultimately allowing consumers to compare prices at hospital websites and also compare profit margins.

DC Health Link employees were ready and standing by to help residents enroll

By recognizing that many DC residents do not have computer access or online access at home DC Health Link is leading the nation in helping residents to understand the law and get enrolled. Those people who have never shopped on still need health insurance . “An on-line marketplace, sometimes called a health care exchange, is a website that allows you to fill out an application and see the insurance coverage options available to you from private insurance companies and compare side-by-side. Marketplaces are run by the state or federal government to ensure the plans offered by private companies meet the requirements of the law,” DC Health Link said.